Sandy Kochis

It starts from birth ♥

Look at my precious boy, Chief. He has spent the morning in the park. I ADORE him ♥ !!! He isn’t afraid of the boat ramp at all. People are watching from a distance and they’re trying to figure out the secret behind it. They ask me how I got him to behave like this. …

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Labradors Love Water!

Mercedes and Porsche cannot get enough of diving for that ball (for those of you asking about the ball, you can find it here JW Hol-ee Roller Ball). Mercedes and Porsche are two of my white lab breeding moms. They absolutely love the water, I didn’t even have to train them to do this, its …

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Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

You can browse some of the dog foods that meet my standards for my own dogs on our web store Go My Puppy ( My dogs also get NuVet vitamin supplements daily, you can find those here (