Mercedes and Chief White Lab Puppies for Sale Now

*** UPDATE 05/10/2023: One girl puppy remaining ***

Mercedes delivered her puppies today and everyone is strong and healthy! Our puppy program is unique and our puppies benefit throughout their entire life from the extra care and nurturing they receive at My Lab Puppies during their first 7 weeks of life.

Puppies grow through various stages of development from the moment they are born and these stages pass quickly. There is a limited time of opportunity in each puppy’s developmental stages to make a positive impact and once that time has passed, you cannot go back. At My Lab Puppies, our staff are constantly providing the nurturing that each puppy needs according to its stage of development. If you’re interested in learning more about puppy development and why our program provides a superior foundation for a puppy’s lifetime, please reach out and we can talk about the details of our program and the benefits it provides.

The cost of our 7 week puppy program, including your puppy, is $4,500. We also offer an optional extended training program please inquire if interested. Email: to reserve your puppy or to learn more about our program.

What makes your puppies special?

Pedigree, Early Care, Structured Nurturing & Expert Training

Our puppies are very special for several reasons. We only breed parents that have proven temperaments, are genetically sound and have a record of good hips and elbows in the pedigree. Our puppies undergo Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) which creates a 5% greater brain mass and the outcome is a smarter puppy! Also, this process creates a stronger heart and heartbeat, these lead to a puppy that is more resilient to disease. ENS also activates the adrenal glands earlier in life, strengthening them in the process. After ENS the puppy is desensitized to sight and sound stimulations. We introduce training commands very early in their development. Through our structured program the puppies can learn much quicker and sooner than a puppy that did not have the same care. The training staff at My Lab Puppies have masters degrees in canine behavior and nutrition. They are AKC evaluators and are experienced in advanced public service access training. We give our puppies every edge possible in preparation for their future life as cherished pets or service dogs.