Month: April 2020

Every Home Needs A Puppy

You are so right Natalie! Every home does need a puppy. Natalie and her family brought home Luna through our puppy program. I love seeing the joy our puppies bring their new families. Thank you guys for sending me such a wonderful note and artwork, I’ve kept it and I treasure these memories!

Puppy Essentials at Go My Puppy

I’m so excited to bring this new opportunity for our families. One of our primary goals is to help our new puppy owners continue to foster their puppy’s accelerated development long after our Puppy Program. Training and developing a puppy requires the right tools and the know-how to use them to your puppy’s maximum benefit. …

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It starts from birth ♥

Look at my precious boy, Chief. He has spent the morning in the park. I ADORE him ♥ !!! He isn’t afraid of the boat ramp at all. People are watching from a distance and they’re trying to figure out the secret behind it. They ask me how I got him to behave like this. …

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Labradors Love Water!

Mercedes and Porsche cannot get enough of diving for that ball (for those of you asking about the ball, you can find it here JW Hol-ee Roller Ball). Mercedes and Porsche are two of my white lab breeding moms. They absolutely love the water, I didn’t even have to train them to do this, its …

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