My Lab Puppies Review by Dr. Stockman

I received a very kind and thoughtful My Lab Puppies review from Dr. Stockman who just brought home his new companion Ivy from our recent white lab puppy litter. Dr. Stockman really connected with what we are doing through our Puppy Program and he articulates it so well. I wish him and Ivy the very best and I hope they have the opportunity to help a lot of people together!

Image of the letter of recommendation Dr Stockman sent to My Lab Puppies

Transcript of Letter from Dr. Stockman

April 8, 2020

Letter of Testimony: Sandy Kochis, Owner/Breeder, My Lab Puppies

Dear Sandy:

As a Licensed Psychologist who includes Canine Therapy in my practice I had the misfortune of losing my revered companion and co-therapist dog Sadie Ann last year. This year after an intensive search for a breeder to collaborate with me to introduce another companion and partner in my life and practice, I had the good fortune to meet you.

Although my wife and I have already expressed our gratitude to you personally for helping bring in a new member into our family, I want to make the following testimonial from a professional psychological and therapeutic perspective.

You have developed a breeding line and heritage that insures, as much as possible within nature, physically healthy puppies. However, in my opinion your Lab pup’s are also mentally, emotionally and behaviorally well balanced animals with the temperament of a therapy dog, i.e., stable personally, even tempered, well mannered and trained, intelligent, intuitive, loyal, a good citizen, affectionate, and more. I appreciate your approach to breeding that begins with the creation of thoughtfully designed kennels and associated birthing and developmental facilities and grounds that are extremely clean and well kept. Next comes the selection and management of the Sire and Dam accompanied by excellent prenatal care. Importantly, a Veterinarian medically screens all puppies. I observed that postnatal and developmental care is literally started at birth with a program that provides the newborn puppy age appropriate sensory stimulation and ongoing cognitive, emotional and behavioral exercises that continues through their first 49 days of life. These enhancements, that we were able to participate in provides your puppies benefits that most others are not afforded and that will help them reach their potential as wonderful companions, service and therapy dogs.

Space does not permit to present the many medical and psychological intricate details that are included in your approach to breeding and early life development. Suffice to say your dedicated, professional and scientifically supported and caring approach sets the stage for the rest of a puppy’s healthy, happy and productive life. As a practicing Psychologist who has thoroughly vetted a number of breeders I can attest that your methods and dogs are definitely a cut above!

Dr. Robert Stockman, Licensed Psychologist #4033