A white labrador from group of trained puppies doing therapy work.

One of our STAR Trained Puppies had a Successful Therapy Visit

Milo is one of the trained puppies that just finished our two week STAR Puppy Program. He recently completed his first visit at the Maricopa County Health Department today and it was a big success! Three floors of employees enjoyed puppy love and kisses from Milo and my therapy dog, Chief.

STAR Trained Puppies are on their way to becoming Therapy Dogs

While STAR Puppy training is just the first step on the journey to becoming a therapy dog, Milo’s ability to participate successfully today demonstrates the importance of this strong foundation. My dog, Chief, does volunteer therapy work on a regular basis and its so wonderful to see Milo following in his footsteps. The response our dogs get when they are out in the field is one of overwhelming joy and it fuels my mission to help bring more therapy dogs to those who really need their support.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed us and visited with Milo and Chief, we cannot wait to see what the future brings for little Milo!