White Lab Puppies For Sale – Watch them train, you won’t believe they are just 8 weeks old!

UPDATE 2/28/2023: This litter from Lexi and Luke is sold out.

Margo and Lilly are superstar puppies graduating from our advanced puppy training. They have received all of the benefits of our puppy program since birth including Early Neurological Stimulation and desensitization. Currently at 12 weeks old they have shown a tremendous aptitude towards training. They are eager to learn and love people!

These puppies are incredibly special. Our 9 week training program includes many products you’ll need to support your puppy at home and continue with their training.

For more information and to reserve your puppy, email sandy@mylabpuppies.com

Watch Margo during her training sessions at 8 weeks old

Margo has great attributes to become an ESA or therapy dog. She has great focus and can process different tasks by generalizing.

Watch Lilly during her training sessions at 8 weeks old

Lilly has medium energy and would make a very good therapy dog. She absolutely loves people!

Watch Chloe during her training sessions at 8 weeks old

Chloe has high energy and very high focus. She has a strong drive and willingness to please. She would make a great agility dog, hunting dog, or any service that requires higher energy.