Christmas Puppy Certificate Available!

Having trouble finding a puppy for Christmas?
Well don’t rush and pick any puppy! Take your time and enjoy the experience at My Lab Puppies! Place a $500 deposit on a puppy and receive a personalized “Christmas My Lab Puppies Certificate” announcing the purchase of a new puppy! After Christmas, bring your family to meet the parents, then play with puppies. We’ll give you play by play action keeping you updated, you can start holding and nurturing puppies, soon to be yours!

Don’t miss out on the great experience of watching your puppy grow from 14 days old. Give the gift of experience and watch your puppy grow at all stages of life. I give you my personal time while you sit and hold your future puppy. I review what your puppy is experiencing as well as what you should and could expect once you bring your puppy home. Be a part of your puppy’s life as they will be a part of your family’s life for a very long time.  Call for details about your very own puppy experience!    See our Google reviews!

Labrador puppies for sale in AZ